The Climb Continues

Seven Weeks Down, Five More to Go!

The Lecture Phase of a DTS is similar to climbing a mountain.

It starts out pretty gradual, there's beautiful trees and plants all around as you begin to walk. The incline gradually gets steeper but the climb is still easy. You don't really notice how high you've climbed until you break above the treeline. Suddnely you turn and look out over the valley and realize that you've gained substantial altitude! 

At this point, the temptation to sit and admire the view is great. Suddenly it sinks in that the air has gotten a lot thinner and even though you've climbed a long way, there's still a long way to go. Only now, it's a lot steeper than it was at the beginning. DSC07561

And this is how DTS can be. We have just come to halfway through our lecture phase and it's amazing to see how far we've come! We've learned so much about surrendering completely to God, about His Kingdom and who He is! And looking back, we begin to realize just how much we've grown. But the climb is not over! And we're excited to see how much more there is to uncover about God! Just like the view from the top of a mountain is so much better than it is from halfway up, so it is with DTS. The last stretch is always worth it!


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