Through the Eyes of a Student


Through the Eyes of a Student

I’ve now spent five weeks here at YWAM Davos which has been incredible to say the least. The atmosphere of the city we are in, the home I live in, and the people I get to live with all create a place where I can thrive in my relationship with Jesus and explore how to live in a culture of honour. Over the past several weeks I’ve learned how to adapt to living with others even when we come from totally different cultures and understanding how sometimes we need to make sacrifices or small changes in order to work best with one another. On the other hand it is so sweet being able to mesh so incredibly well with others from the snowboarding/skiing community and share our love for Jesus through that.

A huge part of our focus here has been learning to love and to understand that faith is not just words or good works, but it’s coming to understand how God has intended for us to live and to serve him and actually putting that into practice. It is becoming more intentional with our time with God, with how we worship and pray, with the time we spend around others (strangers or friends) and setting everything aside to live for Jesus. The concept of relinquishing our rights to God has been something we’ve discussed a lot over the past five weeks and it has changed my entire faith foundation. It is fully laying down whatever is hindering you from your relationship with God and understanding that nothing you try to satisfy yourself with from this world is enough. We need Jesus.

This isn’t an easy process either. I’ve had to do some serious soul-searching and God has being teaching me humility like crazy. I’ve been able to start completely fresh here along with everyone else. The power of openness and honesty has played a huge part in how our community is built. It seemed scary at first to lay all our cards on the table in front of one another, but it has taught me that we are all in this together. Not one of us is better than another and we all have sin in our lives that has led us astray but through that we see the power of God in forgiveness. God led us all here out of love so that we could learn and grow. That’s the kind of Father He is. Jesus died so that I could live free of shame & guilt and instead pursue a life of goodness & joy . God chooses to love everyone in this world even though we disregard his love and instruction so often. I know we hear this all the time, but I’ve learned to find so much more meaning and intentionality within the truth of the Cross.
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Overall, I’m coming to see that God calls us to so much more. Being here I’ve learned to give him my heart and let him show me his heart for others in this world, to show me his kingdom, and to build in me a desire to want more of him. This DTS has helped show me what God’s love is all about and what laying down my life for him to use is all about.

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